The Clubs fiscal year is Sept.1 to August 31.

Club Property

Property Map


Individual(18-62): $65.00 Husband/Wife: $95.00 Senior (63+): $45.00. Life members: (65+ and a member for 10 consecutive years): Free. New members: $100.00 initiation fee in additional to the above membership fee and membership in the NRA.  If you are an NRA member, you will be required to provide your NRA membership card.  If you are not an NRA member, the NRA offers through the club a $10 Liberty membership.  Members of the Armed Forces and students away from home at college: Free.  All membership plans automatically extend membership privileges to the member's children and grandchildren under 18 years of age.  Each member's child and grandchild must have an individaul membership plan upon turning 18 years old if they wish to continue having membership privileges.  Membership privileges are defined as use of all shooting facilities, use of the club house and hunting of club property and leased property.  Dues are collected starting at the September meeting and are payable until October 15th.  After that, a $15.00 late charge will be added.  If dues are not paid by December 31, you will be dropped from the membership list.  Membership is closed from October 1 through December 31.  Applications are accepted but not processed until January.


 * A variety of food plots were planted for the benefit of all our wildlife.

* The area of the Club towards Mark Lord’s place was declared a Safety Zone to protect our neighbors from stray gunfire. So far, it seems to be working well. Members are reminded that hunting is strictly prohibited in the areas posted as Safety Zones.

*Nassers property remains OFF LIMITS

*New kitchen and furnace installed this year.


 I would like to thank all the other officers for the hours they put in. And all the members who stepped up to help with all the events this year. Thank you all for your hard work and dedication to Shaner Sportsmen’s Club. Hunting season is here once again. I would ask if you plan on hunting on our leased property to stop and introduce yourself to our land owners, out of respect. And leave their land the way you found it.

Thank You, From The Officers

P.S. Good luck on your hunting season!


 As always we welcome new shooters to our team in an effort to regain our number one status and to continue to promote our shooting heritage. Please contact Brain Stough, Director if you have an interest in joining our shooting fraternity. Currently the league includes four(4) teams, Herminie, Pitcairn/Monroeville, Trafford and Shaner. The Tuesday night league begins in the spring and runs 20 consecutive weeks. Stop by on any Friday night at the club where we practice throughout the year for additional information. Friday night practices are open to the public, members and non-members alike from 5:30 until approximately 8:30 (or later depending on the turnout). Westmoreland Trap League champions for 2013 and 2014 seasons.