Trap Practice: Every Friday, 5:30PM - 8:30PM - Open to the Public


Grady is now the point of contact through the NRA for the 300 yard range.  Proposed rules for the 300 yard range: Closed September – February possible Sunday shooting.  Absolutely no tree stands around range.  No AR15’s.  Some type of flag system for hot range. 

We now have a cell phone for the main number for the club.  The number is the same as the old land line (724-446-1313)

 Pennsylvania Sunday Hunting: SB 147 Up for Senate Vote

Pennsylvania Overreach: Bill Creates Building Code for Dog Houses

The nation’s oldest firearm manufacturer, Remington Firearms, announced this week that it will be relocating its headquarters from New York and opening a new manufacturing facility in LaGrange, Georgia. Click here to read more.